Stephanie + David _ A Time for Super Hero’s

Now when you read any comic or see a movie about super hero’s the hero is usually quite, dark, mysterious. Not the case for these two. They didn’t need masks. They were genuine, they were all smiles. No darkness, no mystery. They were super heroes to their loved ones around them. Most importantly, these were heroes to each other, for one rescued the other. You have to watch this epic super hero trailer!

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Top 5 Amazing Moments in Wedding Filmmmaking

I just had to share with you 5 amazing moments I get the privilege to capture at just about every wedding. Either one or all of these moments will happen on your day. Then in a blink that moment is gone. You can’t watch it or hear it again. That is unless I’m there. I’ve been making wedding films since I was 16 and I’m now 33. So I’ve been doing this for sometime now and I love every minute of it!

In that time, I’ve learned how to capture a wedding day without directing you or getting in the way. You both literally write the screenplay of your wedding day. I would love to capture your amazing moments too.

There are still a few dates left in 2014 and 2015 is filling up fast. I only book one wedding a day so my focus is you and your story.

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I hope your date is still available!


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Leah + Daniel _ Jump’in for Joy!

One word that kept coming to my mind as I captured this couples beautiful day was Joyful! You could just feel their joy. It clung thick in the air & everyone around them just took it all in & they became intoxicated by it. Joyful bliss! The kind of joy that makes you jump on the bed, yeah, that kind of joy.

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Kasey + Adam _ Nothing Like Vanilla

Ok, I’ve seen a ton of really cool gifts couples give each other and favors they give to their guest. Kasey and Adam gave each other the coolest gifts (you’ll have to watch the video to see) Then they gave their guest real vanilla extract! Like got real vanilla beans and added unflavored vodka and boom amazing vanilla extract! (My chocolate chip cookies never tasted so good :) nothing about the two of them was run of the mill usual. Not even close to vanilla. More like super man flavored!

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Heather + Kaleb _ Pink Guns n Red Hoodies

What can I say about these two. They’re made for each other that’s for sure. They’re good fiends of mine. I knew Kaleb always wore his traditional red hoodie to work. It’s his uniform, he loves his hoodie! I didn’t know that Heather had a “red rider bee-bee gun” except in pink. This day had been a long time coming and seeing the marriage of these two was perfect like peanut butter and jelly. Or Pink Guns and Red Hoodies :) Enjoy their Sneak Peek!

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Kelly + Jason _ Salon Approved Love

Had an absolute blast with this couple. Started the day out at the salon with Kelly and her girls.
Then it was off to an awesome little church, like something out of TV show Little House on the Prairie.
The air was crisp, but not cold. Just enough to cold to have a little hold on you.
Reception had just the right amount of bounce and the band had the volume and style down pat.
Needless to say it was….well, you’ve all seen the commercials for the hair product that’s “salon approved” right?

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Lauren + Jordan _ Hearts on Fire

You’ve heard the saying, “It only takes a spark to start a fire.”..right? In Lauren and Jordan’s case that spark lit a stick, no a case or dynamite!
Filming them both getting ready, you could just tell they were on fire for each other.
Especial in the moments where they were’t saying anything, just sitting there, you could tell they were thinking of each other.
When they first held hands for the “door” shot. Their eyes came alive. If your eyes are a window into your soul then, it’s obvious.
They were on fire for each other.

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Lauren + Jack _ To Fetch a Pale

Jack and Jil— I mean Lauren…duh.. went up the hill to fetch a……UM….not a pale….fetch a…Shoot what rhymes with pale that’s wedding related. Na who cares about the nursery rhyme! Lauren and Jack’s wedding day was full of love, heart felt moments and passion. Those two are made for each other. You can see it in their eyes. Their nursery rhyme would go, Lauren and Jack went down the isle to have a heart felt kiss! Check out their Sneak Peek of their perfect day.

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Dana + Jonathan _ Power of Prayer

People don’t realize how important prayer is when it comes to your marriage. Pray over everything, worry about nothing. That’s just what Dana and Jonathan did. All the plans where made, everything was done to the best of their ability. They gave it to God and let the One who created it all take it and He made it..well…what does God make better right?

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Annette + Jason _ Green Fields of Love

What do you get when you have two die hard Michigan State Spartan fans, and their wedding day at Greenfield Village? Green Fields of Love..duh..that’s why I titled it that..haha.. anywho on a more serious note, their day was straight up elegant from beginning to end. Annette’s dress and Jason’s tux seemed right out of a classic ballroom party thrown by Henry & Clara Ford. Enjoy the Sneak Peek from these two Spartans!

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