Meghan + Trevor _ Say Nice Things About Detroit

Nothing like filming a wedding when it’s crisp & beautiful in downtown Detroit Michigan. The sky was blue, the air was slightly cool, yet a little warm. It was a perfect day for Meghan & Trevor. You couldn’t help but say nice things about the two of them….and Detroit :)

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Nivine + Cass _ Power of Family

Family… there is so much power even in the word family. If you’re blessed to be surrounded by family that lifts you up to hired levels, then you already know how much power there really is. For Nivine and Cass, they’ll reach the highest heights!

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Laura + Jon _ Love, Toledo ~ Ohio Wedding Videography Wedding Filmmaking ~

Toledo is one of the coolest places to get married. There is a ton of old school nostalgia in the downtown area for some amazing shots. Got to work with the amazing wedding planners of Bee for the Day, and got to shoot with the amazing Kim of Considering Lilies Photographer. Laura and Jon had the dream wedding team Just say’n :) The day, the city was all about Love from Toledo.

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Sarah + Blair _ Sparkling Moments ~ ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago there was snow on the ground. Sarah and Blair didn’t care. They wanted that winter sparkle for their wedding day. In fact, the entire day was full of sparkling once in a lifetime moments. Their Sneak Peek trailer is stock full of them. Enjoy!

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Jenna + Jared _ Winter Amazing ~ michigan wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

I really enjoy filming in the winter time. Love the beautiful snow, on the ground and resting gently on the evergreens. Jenna and Jared’s wedding was winter amazing for sure. You can always tell how loyal a bridesmaid is to her bride when she is out in 15 degree weather for pictures and has a big smile :)

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Amanda + Michael _ Elmore Love ~ ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

Elmore in “spanglish” is the more :) El + more = The more love. That’s what was in my head anyway..haha. Such a fantastic day for Amanda and Michael! I always love shooting in small towns, they all have their own unique character and flavor. This wedding was just a blast form beginning to end. Enjoy their Sneak Peek!

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Jill + Junjun _ Only the Beginning ~ michigan wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

15 years ago this wonderful couple said..” I Do “. They said I Do to the good times and they said it to the not so good times. They said I Do to loving each other for the rest of their lives. I was blessed and privileged to hear them say I Do for many years more and watching them realize, this was only the beginning of greater things to come.

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Kylene + Michael _ Soul Mates ~ ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

The best thing about creating wedding films is I get the privilege to capture unique love. I’ve been capturing weddings since I was 16 and I can honestly tell you no two are the same. They’re unique in every way. How can I best describe it? It’s kind of like, each couples love has it’s own color. When two people who are true soul mates come together they’re colors splash together and this new fresh never before seen color that explodes in sheer radiance. They’re colors were meant to be. Meant to exist.

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