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Amy + Brett’s Wedding Trailer

I learned a new color Graphite Slate Grey…the color of the Bridesmaid dresses of Amy & Brett’s wedding. Coolest thing about being a Wedding Filmmaker is literally no two weddings are alike.  All have their unique differences..especially when it comes to the story of the day. Amy & Brett’s wedding day was storybook from the dresses to the dancing on the dance floor…they had some moves! Check out their Wedding Trailer…and those Graphite Slate Grey dresses too.

Song:  Matt Wertz – ” Everythings Right ” – ( Click Here to Buy the Song )

Alyson + Gregg {Wedding Trailer}

The snow fell perfect for Alyson & Gregg the day before their wedding…all on the grass & trees… the roads..CLEAR!  It’s not like these two news directors from Chicago, were afraid of the snow anyway 🙂  They had their wedding day scripted out from beginning to end. Everything from the floating unity candle to Michigan State “Sparty’s” entrance. Everyone packed the dance floor..especially for “Sweet Home Chicago”.  Make sure you hang out and watch as the video ends…you’ll get to see their personal touch to their video….ENJOY!

Song:  Jess Penner – ” All Smiles ” – ( Click HERE to BUY the Song )

Regina + Brian {Wedding Trailer}

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  There is always something really unique about having a wedding on New Years Eve.  The old is gone and the new is alive!  Regina and Brian’s wedding was ALIVE! It’s always cool to feel apart of the fam and they made everyone (including yours truly) feel that way.  Enjoy their sneak peak of their Wedding Film…starting with 10, 9,8,7,6,5………



Song:  Kathryn Ostenberg – ” Light Me Up ” – ( CLICK HERE to BUY the SONG )

2011 { A Year in Review }

A Wedding Day from a Filmmakers perspective: When a Bride & Groom first inquires of me to capture their wedding day, I always state ” I hope I get the privilege to Tell Your Story.” A wedding day is the start of something so unique so beautiful. Two people…once total strangers…create something between them called Love and decide to unite that love forever. As a storyteller, to be invited to capture that on film, to preserve that literally forever so generations can be transported back to that day is so special. The things that happen that day will never happen again. The happy tears..the smiles..the moments that get birthed are fresh and new, it’s life writing a screenplay that’s totally original. Check out this video and you’ll get a taste of life writing a screenplay.

Song:  OneRepublic – ” Waiting for You ” – (CLICK HERE to Buy the song)

Jessy + Brandon { Wedding Trailer }

I’ve never been asked to just capture a reception, but when Jessy asked me to come to beautiful Geneva, New York..I knew I had to go. Jessy & Brandon had quite the interesting time to even get their celebration to happen. Brandon serves in our armed forces so his schedule was crazy. Their ceremony was filmed by a friend in Arizona in 2010 and the reception they have been dreaming of finally took place this November. I decided to create more of a unfolding type of a wedding trailer set to a really unique music score. Click play and take part in their joy!

Song: The Candle Park Stars – ” You are Beautiful & Amazing ” – (CLICK HERE to BUY this Song)

Megan + Greg

Can you believe it?  Another seasonably warm day in northwest Ohio and at the end of October!  The trees were perfect….the sun was shining… Megan was stunning (Greg you looked good too man)…everything was there, being the best it could be.  As soon as Megan made her entrance..her and Greg locked eyes, smiles filed the room.  The rest..well you’ll just have to watch and smile too 🙂

Song:  Dave Barnes – ” God Gave Me You ” – (CLICK HERE to Buy the Song)

Yolanda + Sam’s { Wedding ~ Trailer }

You know you’re having an awesome day when you look at your cell phone to check the time and it’s already late.  Yolanda and Sam made everyone at their wedding feel like family ( even the Videographer ) You could tell they poured over every detail of the day from the color scheme to the guacamole and salsa at each table..which was delicious!  The day started of a little cloudy but the sun quickly made its was freezing when they did their First Look but you couldn’t tell from Yolanda’s smile!  SO glad I took Spanish in high school and in college..their entire Ceremony and parts of the Reception were all spoke in Spanish…Love that language!

Song:  Ross Copperman – ” Found You ” – (CLICK HERE to Buy the song)

Amanda ~ John { Wedding Trailer }

Excited Anticipation.  I think that would best describe Amanda & John before their ceremony. All the time they spent waiting for their moment to happen, all coming together. Family and Friends piling into the church on an unusually warm October day. Ever heard the phrase, “Magic was in the air” ? Well their was plenty of that this day.

Song:  OneRepublic – ” Waiting for You ” – (CLICK HERE to Buy the song)

Carrie _ Frank {Wedding Trailer}

It’s always so cool to shoot a wedding and really feeling like you are part of the family, Carrie and Frank were definitely in that category.  Smiles literally all day from the both of them 🙂  They couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day with the sun shining and the air not too cool, but just enough ya know?  Frank was all smiles as him and Carrie shared their first dance and yes, did some singing during the reception…click play and watch their day unfold!

Song:  Zac Brown Band – ” Whatever it is ” – (Click HERE to Buy the song)

Alyssa + Kris + Wedding Day = ) Wedding Trailer

Alyssa and Kris by far had to be most laid back couple I’ve worked with so far.  Alyssa was a little worried about the rain in the AM, but as you will see it cleared and the skies turned blue. Then I heard this song it reminded me of them and their day, just laid back…having tons of fun….enjoying their beautiful wedding day. Now click play and enjoy their day too!

Song:  Priscilla Townsend – ” You and Me ” – (CLICK HERE to Buy the song)