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Jill + Junjun _ Only the Beginning ~ michigan wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

15 years ago this wonderful couple said..” I Do “. They said I Do to the good times and they said it to the not so good times. They said I Do to loving each other for the rest of their lives. I was blessed and privileged to hear them say I Do for many years more and watching them realize, this was only the beginning of greater things to come.

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Kylene + Michael _ Soul Mates ~ ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

The best thing about creating wedding films is I get the privilege to capture unique love. I’ve been capturing weddings since I was 16 and I can honestly tell you no two are the same. They’re unique in every way. How can I best describe it? It’s kind of like, each couples love has it’s own color. When two people who are true soul mates come together they’re colors splash together and this new fresh never before seen color that explodes in sheer radiance. They’re colors were meant to be. Meant to exist.

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Becca + Will _ Toledo Loves Love ~ ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

Toledo Ohio, to me, is one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding. Awesome city skyline, original graffitied allies to shoot breath taking film and photos. Toledo truly loves love. It just worked for Becca and Will, because Becca truly loves loving Will, and Will Loves loving Becca and they both love the fact that they love loving love with loads of love. Love loves lovers who are head over heal in love with love. You get the point 😉 haha..I love it. sorry had to that just one more time.

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Joy + Chris _ and She said…YES! ~ ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

When a marriage proposal starts with, Will You and ends with, YES, in an instant a new family is born. The wheels of legacy begin to take shape and generation follows soon after. For Joy and Chris, they saw that in an instant. How? They seen it in each others eyes, felt it in their hugs and tasted it in their first kiss. There is power in the simple word of…YES!

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I made it on TV!

Checkout this interview I did on a syndicated talk show called Full Plate! The show broadcasts in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and yes…in the Caribbean! Maybe I could talk about wedding filmmaking at the Atlantis Resort!

Stephanie + David _ A Time for Super Hero’s ~ michigan ohio wedding videography wedding filmmaking ~

Now when you read any comic or see a movie about super hero’s the hero is usually quite, dark, mysterious. Not the case for these two. They didn’t need masks. They were genuine, they were all smiles. No darkness, no mystery. They were super heroes to their loved ones around them. Most importantly, these were heroes to each other, for one rescued the other. You have to watch this epic super hero trailer!

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