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What makes you different?

Some say style, others say their equipment is top of the line, others think they have the moves like Jagger. Let’s face it, anybody can get the equipment we have and there are many different styles out there…some say cinematic, some say documentary, but aren’t documentary and they’re more cinematic ( everything is in cheesy slow motion ). Some have no idea, and they just want you to book them and you find out later. If you strip away equipment and style reasons, what do you have left?
For us, it’s the moments. Your wedding day is a series of moments coming together and forming your wedding day. Our job as filmmakers, as documentary story-tellers is to immerse ourselves in the moments that create your day. Then create an art piece that reflects you and your love coming together on your wedding day. All while having the moves like Jagger.

My Uncle has a pretty sweet video camera. Are you better than him?

Well, We’ve never met your Uncle…but unless he’s Steven Spielberg… than maybe just a little bit better. In the case your Uncle is Steven Spielberg….We would be willing to let him help out.

Do I get a Sneak Peek Trailer with my film?

Only the Full Narrative Documentary film and Mini Documentary Styles get a Sneak Peek Trailer. That way friends and family from all over the world can experience your amazing day!

Your prices are higher than other videographers I’ve checked out. What’s up with that?

We go through tremendous effort to make wedding films that are unique to you. We are not even close to being a “wedding factory” meaning, we don’t shoot cookie-cutter films just to get it out the door and in your hands. Doug holds a bachelors of Art degree in Film from the University of Toledo (Go Rockets!) and Nathan attended the Los Angeles Film School. We are always looking for unique ways to tell wedding day stories. We make it a point to make sure every couple that has us capture their wedding day is overly satisfied with their film. After all, the film you will be getting is something you will have for the rest of your life. Your kids and your grandkids will be watching this. We make sure they can relive your day and make it a point to be worth every penny you spend on your film.

How long will it take to get my Finished Film?

We ask for between 6-9 months to get your Finished Film. Why so long you ask? Well, the most important thing for us is making a film that is uniquely yours. We do our best to make each and every film reflect that couple and their wedding day. That’s why we create your Sneak Peek Trailer 8 weeks or less after your wedding so you have that to watch while you wait. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround than that falls into the realm of a “wedding factory” video and we don’t do that. You’ve spent countless moments thinking about how you want your day to be and how you want it to unfold. Why would you want your film to be put on a wedding video assembly line for quick piecing together?

Do I have to feed you?

Not really….but if you do…it’s totally appreciated! After all, no one likes being filmed while eating…unless we want food…thrown at me 🙂 If need be, our wives will pack us a sack lunch and write our names on it and everything ( they spoil us! )

Who gets to pick the music?

By all means, you do! But more often than not, couples have us pick it. All we ask is if you do want specific songs in your film let us know and give us a list so we can pick music that fits the tone on the screen.

How long will my Finished Film be?

If you go with the Mini-Documentary style than around an hour and thirty minutes. If you go with the full Narrative Documentary than around 2-3 hours in length. Honestly, it all depends on the length of your ceremony.

When do you start?

We started making wedding films in 1996 when it was…it was a simpler time back then…Saved by the Bell was all the rage… OH WAIT….you mean the day of the wedding…sorry. We start 3 hours prior the ceremony start time, but if you want us their even earlier you can add on extra time. Check out the La Carte page for all that info.

Do you charge extra for travel?

Kind of…what we usually do is if it requires an overnight stay is we give you the “Unlimited Time” add-on for a free…a $350 value to cover the cost of two nights in a hotel. So it’s kind of free but you get the extra coverage. If it requires us to jump in a plane.. then that’s different…give us a call and we’ll talk about your destination. Still waiting for a shoot in Cancun!

Being in the business for 15 years…what have you learned?

The Bride is in charge….and the Groom…we’ll just refer back to what the Bride says.

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