Play this video to get a really good grasp of the beginning of a Full Narrative Documentary Film, the most popular choice among Brides and Grooms.

The videos that you see on the Main page are what’s called a, ” Sneak Peek Trailer ” – essentially a little piece of your film before it’s finished!  Your finished Wedding Film now is a much larger project. The Trailer comes Free with either the Full Film or the Mini Documentary styles.

Keep reading to understand the major differences between the Two distinct styles that can be created for you.

Our goal is an amazing wedding film, plain and simple!

$2,000 – The Mini-Documentary: consists of essential a highlight video keeping with the documentary feel and format of pre-ceremony & pre-reception events, like getting the finishing touches with hair and makeup, location, things like that condensed into a 3-4 minute sequence set to a song or music the same is for all the happenings between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception.

$3,500 –  The Full Narrative Documentary Film: style is totally different and you get a MUCH more footage because literally nothing gets cut out. It is shot much differently than the mini-documentary style, conversation audio is kept in and everything is shot just like a feature documentary film is. Its Narrative in its creation (which means it follows the story of the day as opposed to just simply filming something, also know as your Uncle can do that 😉 this style really allows you to re-live the day, not simply with highlights like the mini-documentary style. Music is used just like a movie does, it’s used to fit the mood and tone of what is happening on the screen, just like a film.

* Both styles include Full Coverage of the entire Ceremony from beginning to end and Full Coverage of the Reception as well. Our day ends only when we know we have more than enough film to make an amazing wedding film and we will ask you if it’s ok to leave. So no worries, we don’t have a set end time.*

*Due to the demand & popularity of our uniquely created True Documentary Wedding Films, we encourage you to contact us and book as early as possible as our dates fill up quickly. We book only one couple per day on a first come, first serve basis.*


READ ON to get a Brief overview of how your wedding film is created!

Before the Ceremony……….. We start our day pretty close to when you start yours, typically 3 hours prior to your ceremony start time. We want to capture everything that ” Tells the Story ” of your day. We arrive to capture you getting the finishing touches of the dress, hair and makeup. You with your Bridesmaids and the Groom with his guys. Then off to the ceremony site!

At the Ceremony……….. Two camera coverage of the Ceremony, one camera is unmanned on a specifically placed wide shot with a special wide angle lens to take in the wholeness of your specially chosen Ceremony site. The second camera is manned, capturing your one of a kind Ceremony as it unfolds. The Groom will wear a concealed wireless mic so the sound of your vows is heard with pristine sound quality.

After the Ceremony……….. After the Ceremony, we capture everything in between! Leaving the Ceremony, getting pictures taken at your chosen sites, and capturing the beauty of your Reception.

Before the Reception……….. Prior to your Grand Entrance to the Reception, we capture the beauty of your location and decorations. Once you make your entrance, we make sure every special event is creatively captured.

During the Reception……….. Along with capturing ALL the special events, dances, toast, cake cutting…ect, we uniquely shoot ALL your wedding guest getting out and dancing your magical night away! Again, there is no set time so we’ll stay as long as we need to for you!

The Full Narrative Documentary Film and Mini Documentary film also receives our signature ” Sneak Peek Trailer video”!  A short 2-3 minute video created and posted on the website and Facebook fan page for ALL to see about 6 weeks or earlier, after your wedding day! To get all your Friends and Family super excited to watch your video together!

You receive 3 copies on DVD in uniquely designed and created cases and disc. One copy for you and two more to give to whomever you choose! Want more Info ?………..

If you want more info, or want to book your day, give us a call at (614) 245-5561 and let’s get your BIG DAY booked!

  1. Christina Messiha
    · 09/09/09 at 1:15 ·

    Seeking information about your packages? Do you have April 24, 2010 available for a wedding?

  2. blissfulcreationsblog
    · 10/09/10 at 13:46 ·

    Very touching Demo. The intro and the music are quite powerful.

    Keep up the good work.

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